Graston Technique

Dr. Suzanne Smith is also certified in the Graston Technique which is a certified training program which utilizes the use of stainless steel tools that have been specifically engineered to break up and release scar tissue in muscle in all different areas of the body. A trained Graston Technique provider has undergone many clinical hours to learn how to utilize these tools in such a way to help address many muscular and deep tissue and post operative dysfunctions. By having a vast knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, Dr. Smith is able to utilize the Graston Technique to help break up adhesions that can cause muscular pain and even inhibit motion in joints as well as address faulty scar tissue build-up from post operative procedures. Graston Technique has been very helpful in addressing sport injuries that many athletes endure. Ask Dr. Smith more about this technique and visit the website below to learn more:

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